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We are a team of people with a common purpose to leverage emerging technologies
to profitably empower people by applying a shared value philosophy – never to exploit.


Alex Todd is the Founder and CEO of ReliablyME. He has a 35-year track record of originating technology and management innovations, having held leadership roles at IBM, Lotus, and PRESTO, as well entrepreneurial stints as founder of an NLP-based software company and a management think tank for optimizing conditions for trust and designing corporate governance practices for firm performance.

ReliablyME is a social innovation, inspired by his career-long insights into creating unprecedented new business and economic value from emerging technologies, such as blockchain.


Dave McKay has 35 years of experience in the Software industry. He has been a VP of Software Development for several software vendors, as an IT director for not-forprofits and is currently a blockchain consultant. Dave has designed the architecture, specifications, project plans and managed teams of developers for hundreds of custom and commercial software projects. Dave’s extensive experience with full stack projects and blockchain technology are well suited to this project.

Barry Pratt has 30 years experience and is recognized for his thought leadership in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. He is a Professional Engineer and currently has a scholarship at the Jack Welch Management Institute MBA program. His last 5 years has focused on Blockchain/DLT and Fintech, applying Design Thinking to create innovative applications. Barry has enjoyed a progressive architecture and technology strategy career at Health Canada, Nortel Networks, Rogers Communications, Ericsson Canada, and CBC/Radio-Canada.


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All our commitments to you will be registered on the blockchain.

All our employees will register their commitments on the blockchain.

You will have access to our Commitment Portfolio.

For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website.


  • Are you excited about our mission and values?
  • Are you a person with impeccable integrity and willing to be held accountable?
  • Are you entrepreneurially minded and willing to scramble in the face of adversity to get results?
  • Do you feel confident you can make a tangible contribution that helps us succeed?