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ReliablyME applies gamified commitments-based nudging to affect behavioral outcomes.

ReliablyME engages users via an instant messaging (SMS/WhatsApp) chatbot to make and receive promises, supported by nudges that help them earn badges for their private behavioral portfolio.


Behavioral outcomes are a leading indicator of impact.


Funders of health and human services need objective evidence of the relative effectiveness of the programs they fund, while program delivery organizations need tools that improve outcomes and ease their reporting burden.


Individuals participating in health/wellness or other human services programs that provide ongoing patient/client/student support register their commitments to completing specific program-related tasks in order to receive recognition for their accomplishments and thereby accelerate their progress.


Users assemble a Commitment Portfolio (behavioral credential) consisting of digital badges, points, and performance scores that showcase their level of dedication and progress toward achieving specific goals in order to gain equitable access to opportunities that improve the quality of their lives.

  1. Use instant messaging (SMS/WhatsApp) chatbot, web app, or mobile app
  2. Send an offer or invitation to make a promise/commitment
  3. Accept the offer or invitation
  4. Receive nudges (questions/requests) and reminders
  5. Request a badge with an explanation
  6. Receive a badge or clarification of expectations
  7. Filter and print the private Commitment Portfolio for an evaluator


  1. Program Managers incorporate ReliablyME into their curriculum where there is already an expectation of task completion by requesting that participants submit explicit commitments.
  2. Program Managers validate that commitments were fulfilled and issue a badge.
  3. Program Manages track participants’ progress using a real-time ReliablyME Dashboard in order to proactively encourage or lend support.
  4. Program Managers report to funders on the progress of program participants.


  1. Applicant Evaluators receive digital copies of (or hyperlinks to) the ReliablyME Portfolios of applicants.
  2. Applicant Evaluators analyze each applicant’s ReliablyME Portfolio for relevance using ReliablyME Platform analytics tools.


  1. Program Funders incentivize the social services organizations they fund to implement ReliablyME.
  2. Program Funders engage ReliablyME community managers to onboard funded organizations with program design, technology integration, education, and support.
  3. Program Funders use the ReliablyME Dashboard to track and benchmark the progress of health and human services program participants.