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ReliablyME awards Commitment Credentials to community program beneficiaries/clients and supporting donors/volunteers.

The Platform uses APIs and a chatbot to integrate its commitments recording functionality across the sign-up, to-dos, and goal setting functions that already exist in a variety of enterprise and external applications, such as calendaring, e-learning, task management, CRM, and event registration.


Typically, people use a standard sign-up or registration process to participate in various events or activities. When the registration software is Powered by ReliablyME, they are given an opportunity to also build their Commitment Portfolio, with a CountMEin button (or equivalent).

When they attend or perform the activity, it is validated either manually or by the badge issuer (event/activity organizer) or through an approved technology, such as a scannable QR code.

This builds a Commitment Portfolio of digital badges that shows the kinds of commitments the person is keeping alive, their Reliablity and Punctuality Ratings, and Confidence Score (ability to make advance commitments).

People redeem their Portfolios either by including them as a PDF file or one-time hyperlink in their applications to participating organizations, who use ReliablyME’s data analytics tools to compare applicants’ Portfolios for relevance and quality.

  1. If app is Powered by ReliablyME, choose to register your commitment with ReliablyME by tapping the countMEin button or equivalent.
  2. Check in or request validation that you have fulfilled your commitment.
  3. Confidentially, receive a social media-shareable digital badge and your updated Reliability Rating.

  1. Upon accumulating a sufficient number of relevant badges, submit your ReliablyME Portfolio with your application to Organizations Accepting ReliablyME Portfolios (listed in an online directory).


  1. Program Managers integrate ReliablyME into a variety of existing applications to give program participants/employees an opportunity to digitally register their program-related commitments and be recognized with branded (optionally sponsored) social-media digital badges that they accumulate in their Commitment Portfolios.
  2. Program Managers validate that commitments were fulfilled either by using a ReliablyME console or with automated validation technology.
  3. Program Manages track participants’ progress using a realtime ReliablyME Dashboard in order to proactively encourage or lend support.

4. Program Managers report to funders on the progress of program participants.


1. Applicant Evaluators list their willingness to accept and review applicants’ ReliablyME Portfolios in an online Directory of Organizations Accepting ReliablyME Portfolios – because they value personal integrity.

  1. Applicant Evaluators receive digital copies of (or hyperlinks to) the ReliablyME Portfolios of applicants.
  2. Applicant Evaluators analyze each applicant’s ReliablyME Portfolio for relevance using ReliablyME Platform analytics tools.
  3. Applicant Evaluators earn ReliablyME credits for reporting when they have given applicants with a strong ReliablyME Portfolio a next-step opportunity.


  1. Program Funders incentivize the social services organizations they fund to implement ReliablyME.
  2. Program Funders engage ReliablyME community managers to onboard funded organizations with program design, technology integration, education, and support.
  3. Program Funders use the ReliablyME Dashboard to track the progress of social program participants.
  4. Program Funders, optionally, offer their employees engaged in volunteer and/or donation activities an opportunity to also be recognized on the ReliablyME Platform for their commitment to selected causes.

5.Program Funders, optionally, redesign their giving programs to reward social services organization with automatically-triggered donations in recognition of beneficiaries’ ReliablyME registered outcome metrics.