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Workforce Optimization by CFOs

ReliablyME for CFOs

Drive Bottom Line Results with Workforce Optimization

Gain Visibility into Workforce Performance


As a CFO, you need clear visibility into workforce performance and ways to maximize your investments in employee development and engagement. ReliablyME provides the data-driven insights you need to connect human capital initiatives to tangible business impact.

The Challenges


Subjective or outdated performance management makes it hard to identify high potentials and maximize talent

No clear way to tie “soft” initiatives like training and culture to hard business results

BI dashboards don’t provide dynamic insights into employee progress and skill gaps

Discretionary spending on ineffective programs that yield little ROI

Strategy execution breakdowns due to lack of accountability

The ReliablyME Solution


ReliablyME complements your existing HR systems to provide unprecedented visibility into your workforce performance. Our AI-powered nudging and skills-tracking technology:


Provides continuous data collection across critical competencies

 Automates nudging employees on goals and development areas

Generates dynamic insights into workforce skills and engagement

Identifies high-potential future leaders objectively

Links development programs directly to on-the-job behavior change

Drives strategy execution through accountability and nudging

Optimizes training ROI by tracking outcomes not just participation

See for yourself how ReliablyME can help you maximize your workforce investments. Schedule a demo:

Benefits for CFOs


Optimize human capital investments by aligning them to business impact

Build the objective case for workforce initiatives to the executive team

Maintain dynamic oversight of workforce productivity and operational efficiency

Identify the highest potential future leaders based on proven competencies

Execute strategic priorities more effectively through organization-wide accountability

Shift spending from ineffective programs to high-impact initiatives

Reduce the biases and blindspots of subjective performance data

The future of maximizing workforce ROI