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Human and Health Services

Lighten your workload and improve outpatient outcomes

You are passionate about empowering your patients/clients who are suffering from chronic illnesses with the ability to overcome self-limiting behaviors and lifestyle choices. And you may be frustrated that education and infrequent patient visits are often insufficient to affect lasting change – but you don’t have the capacity to do more with each of them at home between visits.

Our newly-developed technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts while helping to sustainably alleviate the at-risk attitudes and behaviors of your patients/clients by improving medication and lifestyle adherence. It allows you to track each individual’s progress in real time and adjust the required frequency of expensive visits on an as-needed basis.

ReliablyME employs a commitments-based nudging process that is academically proven to be the most cost-effective way to affect behavior change. We use highly customizable 2-way any-to-any SMS/WhatsApp messaging (also available via ReliablyME web and mobile apps) to instantly reach the broadest population demographic (no smartphone, no Internet, and no downloads or installation needed) with standardized and automated interactive communication between providers and patients, as well as patients with their preferred accountability buddies:

– encouragement and engagement

– action accountability

– behavior tracking

– consistency in sequencing events

– progress updates

– drip surveys

– consistent respectful messaging

– and can be implemented mostly as-is, with easy no-code customization.


Our powerful and easy-to-use Administrative Console enables no-code clinical regime template customization, patient/client management, and progress tracking and reporting.

ReliablyME reduces costs and improves the efficiency of health and human services organizations by helping to lighten the workload and increase the effectiveness of providers.