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ReliablyME is an information technology platform that empowers organizations with a broadly accessible tool to help their stakeholders adopt desirable behaviors.
The system awards Social Commitment Credentials to both program beneficiaries/clients and supporting donors/volunteers for demonstrating their authentic commitment to advancing their self and social worth, and tracks their performance, as well as their resulting success in accessing education, employment, housing, credit, insurance, and other tangible paths to independence and prosperity. Additionally, through comparative benchmarking and analysis, our platform produces actionable insights to help improve both individuals’ and program performance.

ReliablyME employs a commitments-nudging process via instant messaging (SMS/WhatsApp), web app, mobile app, and API integrations designed to affect and track behavioral outcomes and empower users with a behavioral credential to ease their access to opportunities for a better quality of life.

ReliablyME helps organizations show their team they are valued and appreciated, building morale and productivity within any organization and thereby also helping the people advance by showcasing their authentic self and social worth.

ReliablyME provides detailed analytics and reporting to help you access the overall productivity and achievement of your team using blockchain technology.


Organizations using ReliablyME can help their stakeholders (eg. patients, clients, employees, customers, the public, etc.) earn privileges (eg. for school admissions, employment, credit, housing, insurance, communities, etc.) based on the quality of their ReliablyME Commitment Portfolio (their private behavioral credential) scores:





ReliablyME closes the loop from funding to engagement, tracking, measurement, impact, and trustworthy reporting.
  • ReliablyME empowers participating individuals with behavioral soft skills that accelerate their progress toward a better quality of life.
  • ReliablyME enables program participants to continue to build their Commitment Portfolios even after they leave their health or human services program
  • ReliablyME helps program managers gather the hard evidence expected by their funders.
  • ReliablyME helps program management and services providers access real-time progress indicators to proactively assess needs and intervene on demand.
  • ReliablyME gives funders anonymize access to behavioral outcomes data – a leading indicator of impact.
  • ReliablyME helps funders make informed resource allocation decisions based on objective measures of relative program effectiveness.
Beneficiaries’ aggregated Social Credit Portfolios that consist of donor-branded social media badges, a Reliability Record, a Confidence Factor (propensity to make commitments further into the future), and Punctuality Score equips them with an informal, complementary credential that provides objective evidence of their good character (specifically, their integrity) and their authentic self and social worth because it is derived from their track record of following through on purpose-oriented commitments.
Participating community organizations that accept beneficiaries’ ReliablyME Profiles for adjudicating applications (such as schools, employers, landlords, insurers, and creditors), in turn, provide our platform with the impact data the giving/donor organizations need to report on relative program effectiveness.