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We are using blockchain technologies to empower people with increased control over their privacy protection and to ensure network-wide interoperability.

Privacy and Scalability enabled by a Hyperledger Blockchain

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Security Via Abstraction

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We are using blockchain technologies to empower people with more control
over their privacy protections and ensure network-wide interoperability.



The levels to which internal and external donors/volunteers, including beneficiaries, are committed to supporting the company’s social purpose

ReliablyME is founded on blockchain technologies, used to validate claims and enable individuals to maintain control over their identity while keeping their personal data private.

ReliablyME uses smart contracts (chain code) on a Hyperledger blockchain to record the provenance of a person’s commitment-making journey, as they pursue their self-improvement, health and wellness, education, social causes, and other goals throughout every aspect of their life’s journey.

ReliablyME uses APIs to power applications that people are already using (eg. SMS, WhatsApp, web and mobile apps) and an interactive chatbot to create a dynamic user experience.

In the future, our blockchain network will allow individuals and organizations to share anonymized data that provides evidence of claims about their economic value.

Ultimately, the use of blockchain technologies will empower people to transact their trusted ReliablyME-powered promises/commitments/IOUs as an objectively valued currency based on the promisor’s fluctuating reliability rating.