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Medication Adherence

ReliablyME Benefits Both Your Patients And Your Pharmacy

Patient outcomes matter — and so do payer quality measures. ReliablyME is a simple, practical, and affordable way to understand and benchmark your pharmacy’s adherence performance while improving patient medication compliance.


ReliablyME aids medication adherence by improving your pharmacy’s oversight and communication with patients:

 Build a closer relationship with your patients with customized and automated communication, patient counseling, and clinical programs that promote patient medication adherence

Enhance care for your elderly patients by communicating directly with them about the potential effects of high-risk medications

 Proactively identify, target, and counsel patients who fall below quality measures for medication adherence

 Gain insights on where to adjust and improve your medication adherence Star Ratings through actionable patient-level detail, including patient-drug interactions

 Data to share with payers and prescribers to prove the value of your pharmacy to their network

 Pharmacy benchmarking data to compare your adherence performance with the rest of the market segment

 Easy data sorting, filtering, and exporting

Our newly-developed follow-up nudging technology can improve your ability to sustainably alleviate your patients’ at-risk attitudes and behaviors by maintaining continuous engagement that helps them understand and adopt required daily medication and lifestyle routines. It also allows you to track each individual’s progress in real time and proactively intervene when required – then reward them with accomplishment badges and store-redeemable points.


ReliablyME employs a commitments-based nudging process that is academically proven to be the most cost-effective way to affect behavior change. We use highly customizable 2-way any-to-any SMS/WhatsApp messaging (also available via ReliablyME web and mobile apps) to instantly reach the broadest population demographic (no smartphone, no Internet, and no downloads or installation needed) with standardized and automated interactive communication between pharmacists and patients, as well as patients with their preferred, support group accountability buddies for:

 instant access

 scheduled reminder nudges

 continuous feedback


 action accountability

 experience and behavior tracking

 activity sequencing

 progress updates

 drip surveys

 consistent respectful messaging

 success acknowledgment and celebration

 loyalty points redemption

 easy no-code customization


Our powerful and easy-to-use Administrative Console enables no-code clinical regimen template customization, patient/customer management, progress tracking, reporting, and points redemption.

ReliablyME reduces costs and improves the efficiency of health and human services organizations by helping to lighten the workload and increase the effectiveness of providers.