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Harness your personal power with nudges from an accountability buddy

You are desperately trying to achieve goals that matter a great deal. You may need to adopt a healthier lifestyle or you may be striving to achieve an ambitious personal goal. But it’s a lonely journey that’s difficult to sustain alone. However, it’s expensive to contract a professional coach and awkward to have friends or family members invest their time and energy to help you stay on track. As a result, you keep starting and stopping, never able to sustain your progress.

What if you could find a friend, family member, or complete stranger to hold you accountable effortlessly?

Our newly-developed nudging technology makes it effortless for you and your accountability partner to collaboratively stay on track and achieve your goals faster.

ReliablyME employs a commitments-based nudging process that is academically proven to be the most cost-effective way to affect behavior change. We use highly customizable 2-way any-to-any SMS/WhatsApp messaging to help you engage with any accountability buddy. Although neither you nor your accountability buddy needs to have a smartphone or Internet connection to download and install software, you can also use available ReliablyME web and mobile apps for:

– encouragement and engagement

– action accountability

– behavior tracking

– consistency in sequencing events

– progress updates

– drip surveys

– consistent respectful messaging

Join our private Facebook group to find and engage an accountability buddy via ReliablyME messaging.

ReliablyME reduces the effort and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of peer accountability arrangements.