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Team Accountability

Unlock the Power of Radical Team Accountability with the ReliablyME Slack Plugin!

Experience improved collaboration, productivity, and team success with our cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to empower teams and organizations.

Are you ready to take your team’s performance to new heights? Join our exclusive BETA program for the ReliablyME Slack plugin and be among the first to experience the transformative impact of radical team accountability.

Transforming Slack Commitments into Trust


The ReliablyME Slack Plugin is an innovative tool designed to enhance trust and reliability within your teams and organization. Integrated seamlessly with Slack, this plugin utilizes advanced natural language processing to detect commitments made in casual conversations, prompting users to formalize these promises into trackable actions.


With the ReliablyME Slack Plugin, no task or obligation is overlooked, even those mentioned in passing. Users can easily create, manage, and fulfill commitments directly within their Slack workspace, contributing to a transparent and accountable culture.


As commitments are met, the plugin calculates and updates each user’s Trust Score, providing an objective measure of their reliability. This score serves not only as a personal accountability tracker but can also be a powerful tool for managers and team leaders to recognize and reward commitment fulfillment, fostering a sense of responsibility and reliability throughout the team.


The ReliablyME Slack Plugin is more than just a task tracker – it’s a bridge to a more reliable, trustworthy, and high-performing organizational culture. Trust in action, visible in real-time – that’s the power of the ReliablyME Slack Plugin.

Key benefits


Enhanced team collaboration and communication

Improved individual and team performance

Increased team transparency and trust

Seamless integration with Slack and other tools

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Readiness Assessment


To help you determine if your team is a good fit for the ReliablyME Slack plugin BETA program, please review the following questions:


    1. Do you believe that increased accountability can lead to better team performance?
    2. Is your organization currently using Slack as its primary communication tool?
    3. Are your team members open to receiving real-time feedback and embracing continuous improvement?
    4. Is your organization committed to creating a culture of trust and transparency?
    5. Are you willing to invest time and effort in implementing new tools and processes to support team accountability?


If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, your team is likely to benefit from using the ReliablyME Slack plugin, and you have a higher likelihood of achieving a positive outcome.

Request access to our BETA program and unlock your team’s potential today!

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Marketing Team Scenario


Imagine a marketing team in a mid-sized company that uses Slack for its internal communications. The team frequently collaborates on various projects, often casually discussing tasks and responsibilities in their Slack channels or direct messages.


How the ReliablyME Slack Plugin is Used


1. Automatic Detection: The ReliablyME Slack plugin uses natural language processing to detect messages that imply a commitment is being offered or requested. For example, if a team member types, “I’ll have the draft for the new blog post ready by Tuesday,” or a manager asks, “Can you handle the social media posts for our upcoming campaign?” the plugin recognizes these as potential commitments.


2. Prompt to Formalize: Once a potential commitment is detected, the plugin sends a prompt to the user involved. This could be a Slack notification or a direct message suggesting they formalize the commitment. The message might say something like, “It seems like you’ve made a commitment to ‘have the draft for the new blog post ready by Tuesday.’ Would you like to track this with ReliablyME?”


3. Commitment Creation: If the user agrees, they can quickly turn the casual message into a formal commitment within the ReliablyME system. They can also specify additional details if needed, such as the exact due date and time, or the person who will verify the completion of the commitment.


4. Commitment Tracking and Trust Score: From there, the commitment is tracked just like any other in ReliablyME. Once fulfilled, it provides gamified recognition with badges, points, and reliability-related scores that contribute to the user’s Trust Score,  thereby, reinforcing the importance of keeping up with commitments, even those casually discussed in Slack messages.


This scenario illustrates how the ReliablyME Slack plugin can prevent tasks and obligations from being overlooked. By recognizing and formalizing commitments made in casual conversations, the plugin ensures that every commitment is tracked and contributes to the culture of reliability and accountability within the team.

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ReliablyME Slack Plugin powers team effectiveness