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Challenges With Maintaining Remote Internship Programs

Discover How to Transform Your Remote Internship Program

ReliablyME provides a platform for internship programs, enhancing the experience through commitment tracking and performance nudges. It ensures interns meet objectives, offering organizations insights into progress and outcomes. This system boosts intern engagement, accountability, and skill development, enriching the internship journey.

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Problems With Remote Internships


Difficulty keeping interns engaged working online: Without clear goals, engaging activities and regular interaction, interns can easily lose interest and motivation.

Lack of clear communication: Misunderstanding and delays due to asynchronous communication can lead to frustration and missed deadlines.

Difficulty assessing student performance and project progress: Traditional methods of monitoring performance may not be as effective an a remote setting. Without clear visibility into intern activity and progress, it can be challenging to provide constructive feedback to ensure project completion.

Implications Due to These Problems


Lowered intern motivation, leading to a decreased quality of work: Disengaged interns are less likely to put in their best effort, resulting in subpar work and missed deadlines.

Wasted Resources: If the program fails to engage the interns to do their best, it is a financial waste. Time is also wasted if interns are not engaged in their work and do not complete it on time. Additionally, frustration among managers can lead to decreased morale and productivity.

Damage to employer brand: Negative experiences can shape interns’ perceptions of your organization and deter future talent from applying.

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Imagine a World Where


Interns are thriving remotely: taking initiative, producing high-quality work, and eagerly contribute to your team’s success

Feedback is effective: sending feedback for your intern’s progress accelerates learning and project development

Interns feel connected: fostering a collaborative environment where projects are kept on track

Are you ready to Elevate Your Intern’s Success?

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