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Accountability Coaching

Harness the power of automated nudges for continuous accountability check-ins

Do you find it challenging to motivate your coachee to be committed to SMART goals? In the end, successful coaching is about getting someone to change and be accountable for their future.

You may have already explored with them whether the goal is the right one, and have made the required adjustments. And you have pushed them into making a commitment by exploring their level of commitment using something like a Likert scale question, i.e. “On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to making this happen, 10 being extremely?”

What now? Until now, your last option was, likely, to discontinue coaching them.

Newly-released ReliablyME now offers you a better option – a gamified commitments-nudging tool designed to affect and track behavioral outcomes.

ReliablyME employs a commitments-based nudging process that is academically proven to be the most cost-effective way to affect behavior change. It allows you to use automated highly customizable 2-way any-to-any (for peer buddy accountability) SMS/WhatsApp messaging to engage with any coachee by eliminating virtually all technology barriers. Although coachees don’t need a smartphone or Internet connection, they can optionally also use the ReliablyME web and installable mobile apps for:

– encouragement and engagement

– action accountability

– behavior tracking

– consistency in sequencing events

– progress updates

– drip surveys

– consistent respectful messaging

Schedule a demo to learn how you can use RelaiblyME to create automated custom accountability templates, reduce your workload, and improve coachee outcomes.

ReliablyME reduces the effort and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of peer accountability arrangements.