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Gift Card – Your New Year Resolution

Your New Year Resolution Accountability Buddy – 12- Month Subscription To ReliablyME

It’s almost Christmas and we are actively thinking about the presents we want to give to our family and friends. We are always striving to give something personal and meaningful, but it just seems to get harder and harder every year. So we often simply default to giving money or buying a generic gift card.


Solution Options: In some cases, we know what the person needs and what would be good for them. Almost everyone, it seems, wants to lose weight, get more physical exercise, or eat healthier. Some are trying to kick bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, gambling, or persistent tardiness, while for others it may be a matter of life and death if they are suffering from chronic health issues. Whatever the reason, we care and want to help.


There are many ways in which we can help. They range from buying them a self-help book to a fitness tracker, to exercise equipment, to a gym or meal plan subscription, and so on. We could even hire a professional accountability coach to help them. However, some of these gifts, as meaningful as they are, can get pricey and exceed our Christmas gift budget. Even if we share the costs, in all cases we leave it up to the recipient to make good use of our gift. Our gift is typically just a well-meaning transaction. Once we give it, we are no longer involved in helping the person overcome their self-limiting behaviors.

What’s Missing: What’s the alternative? Imagine the ultimate gift, one that truly shows how deeply we care and demonstrates our commitment to the person’s success. No gift is more valuable that the gift of our time an attention. It is such a scarce commodity that we fear not being able to live up to expectations. So we avoid making such promises. Even committing to calling our mother every other day is risky and can leave her feeling let down. That’s why, despite our best intentions,  we avoid giving the most universally appreciated gift.


The Opportunity: Imagine if it were possible to give the gift of genuine care and attention that is highly effective and risk-free. In other words, what if we could give the gift of being the person’s accountability buddy for a year and there was no risk that we might let them down because it takes no time and we can be assured that we would never miss a promised coaching moment?

How do you think the person you care about would feel if you gave them the gift of committing to being their accountability buddy for a year? How would you both feel when you jointly start to experience the changes that are measurably improving the recipient’s quality of life and prospects of longevity?


Our Solution: For the first time ever, you can literally give the gift of life by gifting a peer accountability subscription. It allows you to be the recipient’s “accountability buddy” for a year by using ReliablyME’s automated commitments-based nudging system which is academically proven to be the most cost-effective way to affect behavior change.


Our Offer: ReliablyME is offering a US $120 Christmas gift card that entitles you and the recipient to unlimited use of a 12-month subscription to ReliablyME’s instant messaging-based (SMS/WhatsApp) nudging chatbot. It includes two New Year Resolution templates (automated and custom manual nudges) that earn digital success badges.
Our Promise: As part of this Christmas promotion, you also get the following:
  • You can test ReliablyME for FREE before buying the gift card.
  • If you buy the gift card by Sunday, December 25th, ReliablyME will create a custom template for your specific needs and will throw in a free 30-minute personal training session for both you and your gift card recipient.
  • If you are not completely satisfied we will provide you with an additional free training session and, if you are still not satisfied with the value you are getting from using ReliablyME, we will refund 100% of your gift card cost and allow you to use the ReliablyME platform definitely, for free.


Your Outcome: You have an unparalleled opportunity to give the most precious and appreciated gift anyone can receive, your time and ongoing attention. Moreover, it significantly improves the chances that the recipient of your gift will experience improvements in the quality of their life and, hence, have more time to share their appreciation for your care.

After purchasing this gift card, get started by messaging “Hi” to WhatsApp 16474904903 globally (easier to use this link: or texting “Hi” to SMS 8312906400 in the US; 6475609919 in Canada. Remember to include the gift card CODE you will receive by including it in brackets () when you register your Last Name via the ReliablyME chatbot. For example: Jones (ABC72). Respond to all chat bot prompts. Then, at the main menu, send an Invitation to the mobile Number of the person to whom you are giving this gift card by selecting a badge: NEW YEAR RESOLUTION (automated pre-defined nudges); or NEW YEAR RESOLUTION (manual custom nudges).


You might find these videos helpful: concept and demo.


Your 12-month subscription entitles you to send an unlimited number of Invitations and accept an unlimited number of Offers.