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ReliablyME has launched blockchain technology that holds people accountable for preventing the spread of COVID-19

ReliablyME has launched blockchain technology that holds people accountable for preventing the spread of COVID-19



Toronto June 10, 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Toronto-based ReliablyME has launched blockchain technology that holds people accountable for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The tech startup has now completed testing its anti-COVID-19 behaviour modification platform and is going live with pilot implementations in Canada and the United States. It uses SMS text messaging to help large numbers of people be accountable to each other for maintaining good social-distancing and hand-hygiene practices.

To continue to slow the growth in new COVID-19 cases, the population at large must maintain their hygiene discipline and not become complacent, as the consequences can cause many more premature deaths and be very costly to the economy.

The COVID-19 recovery process has begun and standards for restarting the economy are currently being drafted by our governments. Employers are attempting to strike a fine balance between activity and confinement.

ReliablyME is working to allow employers to have confidence their employees in the workplace are taking appropriate steps to stay free from infection. Though many employees remain working from home, there are some businesses where being out in a physical space can’t be avoided.

The platform gives people an opportunity to send Promise Cards to each other in order to establish SOCIAL CONTRACTS for staying physically and mentally fit for work and play. By keeping their promises they earned digital badges, such as COVID-19 P2P SAFETY and SELF-CARE, for their private, online Commitment Portfolio.

People earn a COVID-19 P2P SAFETY badge after answering several health and hygiene-related situational questions. Similarly, they earn a SELF-CARE badge after responding to a series of prompts designed to make them feel better and stay productive. The act of SOCIAL BUBBLING with a small group of trusted friends and family can also give employers confidence that workers are diligently taking care of themselves and each other.

The number of each type of badge earned and associated commitment performance scores serve as an authentic indicator of the person’s ongoing diligence in staying safe, positive, and productive.

ReliablyME is also introducing two community engagement badges that allow employees to continue to engage in volunteering activities while complying with physical distancing requirements. They can earn HELPING HAND and OUTREACH badges by helping someone in need who is confined or frequently keeping in touch with someone who might feel lonely.

The badges are a digital asset that allows sponsoring organizations to deliver their visual brand identity directly to users, as swag collectibles for the user’s Commitment Portfolio, which sponsors can, in turn, accept as a loyalty credential for extending membership privileges.

Research findings validate the effectiveness of ReliablyME methods for behaviour change. The International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity concluded that commercial app use is linked with sustained physical activity in two Canadian provinces. Further evidence provided by academic study Commitment and Behaviour Change: Evidence from the Field by Walt Disney Research, says a “small, carefully planned intervention can have a significant impact on behaviour.”

“ReliablyME inherently incentivizes participants to be accountable to each other by making explicit commitments that they will adopt and maintain desirable behaviours,” says Alex Todd, Founder and CEO of ReliablyME. “Our approach to incentivizing committed activity is expected to produce superior behaviour modification and habit-forming results.”

Testing completed on May 31st and demonstrations for prospective sponsorships and pilot projects started on June 1st.

“I hope people will use ReliablyME to demonstrate their solidarity in collaboratively defending from COVID-19 as a common enemy. We invite corporate sponsors to join us in our common purpose of keeping people safe and bringing them back to work and school by sponsoring the COVID-19 P2P Safety badges being issued to participating Canadians,” said CEO Todd.

For more information, visit and email to request a demonstration or inquire about sponsorship.

ReliablyME is the developer of a blockchain-enabled general-purpose social impact measurement, commitments tracking, and recognition platform that is empowering people to showcase their authentic diligence toward forming desirable habits in order to ease candidates’ access to organizational resources and accelerate the resumption of post-pandemic social and economic activities.

Alex Todd

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