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ReliablyME has developed blockchain technology that holds people accountable for preventing the spread of COVID-19

ReliablyME has developed blockchain technology that holds people accountable for preventing the spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 P2P Safety badge


Toronto May 4, 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Toronto-based ReliablyME has developed blockchain technology that holds people accountable for preventing the spread of COVID-19. The tech startup has now started testing their anti-COVID-19 behaviour modification platform. It uses SMS text messaging to help large numbers of people be accountable to each other for maintaining good physical-distancing and hand-hygiene practices in order to stop the spread of infection and keep family, friends, and others safe.

The magnitude of the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is historic. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE), re-allocating healthcare resources to accommodate expected volumes of patients, and introducing regulations that enforce good infection-safe practices is proving effective for slowing the growth in the number of new infections. However, for this trend to continue, the population at large must maintain their hygiene discipline and not become complacent, as the consequences can cause many more premature deaths and be very costly to the economy. Every unemployed day costs the economy $500 per person, and an estimated 2.8 million Canadians are projected to be unemployed the second quarter of 2020. The processes and standards for restarting the economy are currently being drafted by our governments and are likely to set conditions that try to strike a fine balance between activity and confinement. When restaffing, priority will need to be given to inviting employees based, in part, on their risk profile in order to ensure workplace safety.

This is where ReliablyME can lend a hand. Their technology allows relying companies and employers to have a higher degree of confidence that the candidate being given access to the workplace or classroom has taken appropriate risk-mitigation steps. The platform gives people an opportunity to send Promise Cards to each other as text messages in order to demonstrate their genuine commitment to staying infection-free. For example, they can send a Promise Card that reads:

“I promise to be diligent in protecting you from getting infected with COVID-19 from me by regularly reporting on the precautions I am taking to avoid getting infected.”

By answering a number of health and hygiene-related situational questions, the person earns a digital badge that gets added to their personal Commitment Portfolio. The number of anti-COVID-19 P2P Safety badges earned and associated reliability score serve as an authentic indicator of the person’s ongoing commitment to staying safe. They can use this credential as an incremental level of assurance when requesting preferred access to physical spaces.

The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity concluded that commercial app use is linked with sustained physical activity in two Canadian provinces:

“ReliablyME inherently incentivizes participants to be accountable to each other by making explicit commitments that they will adopt and maintain safe behaviours,” says Alex Todd, Founder and CEO of ReliablyME. “Our approach to incentivizing committed activity is expected to produce superior behaviour modification results.”

Further evidence provided by academic study Commitment and Behavior Change: Evidence from the Field by Walt Disney Research, says a “small, carefully planned intervention can have a significant impact on behavior.”

ReliablyME empowers people with a personal character credential for their behaviour. Additionally, ReliablyME facilitates social and economic inclusion by giving everyone an equal opportunity to build their Commitment Portfolio and use it to accompany their resume in order to ease access to schools, employment, housing, credit, and insurance.

Testing started on May 1st, and is systematically being expanded to more people throughout May.

“I hope people will use ReliablyME to demonstrate their solidarity in collaboratively fighting COVID-19 as a common enemy. We invite corporate sponsors to join us in our common purpose of keeping people safe and bringing them back to work and school by sponsoring the COVID-19 P2P Safety badges being issued to participating Canadians,” said CEO Todd. “Together, we have a rare opportunity to make a meaningful and measurable difference.”

For more information, visit or email to request a demonstration.

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