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New Mobile Web App Improves Usability of Blockchain Technology for Experiential Lifelong Learning and Tracking Behavioral Outcomes

New Mobile Web App Improves Usability of Blockchain Technology for Experiential Lifelong Learning and Tracking Behavioral Outcomes


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 New Mobile Web App Improves Usability of Blockchain Technology for Experiential Lifelong Learning and Tracking Behavioral Outcomes

 Toronto, February 22, 2022 – ReliablyME, a blockchain-enabled technology platform that allows people to demonstrate their authentic self and social worth through their lifelong experiential learning has launched a mobile web app extension to its instant messaging user interface.

“Workers will need to have the appropriate skills enabling them to thrive in the workplace of the future and the ability to continue to retrain throughout their lives”, according to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Work Report 2018. “A mindset of agile learning will also be needed on the part of workers as they shift from the routines and limits of today’s jobs to new, previously unimagined futures… to match the realities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Learning is shifting from top-down formal education to bottom-up, individualized learning experiences. Rapidly evolving social, economic, and technological environments are forcing learners to adapt dynamically and thereby develop their own custom pathways in which every experience is a learning experience.

Learning methods and tools are adapting to satisfy the needs of the learner by becoming more learner-centric and facilitating learning-on-demand by offering educators modular lessons connected to peer/community-generated experiences. “Beyond just consuming lessons and being tested for their comprehension, learners will increasingly be empowered to instantly apply their knowledge and get recognized with objective evidence of validating behaviors,” says Alex Todd, Founder and CEO. “While academic credentials are already being augmented with stackable micro-credentials from both traditional and non-traditional educators the trend points toward increasingly less substantial swarms of nano and pico credentials from numerous learning ecosystem sources that amass meaning and value in the aggregate, over time.”

Lifelong Experiential-learning Platform

Developed to be accessible by the broadest socioeconomic demographic globally via instant messaging (SMS and WhatsApp), ReliablyME now improves the user experience and productivity with a mobile web app and ties together ecosystem-wide behavioral data by also integrating existing user applications for an aggregated view of their applied knowledge and learning experiences.

“We are at the forefront of the future of learning,” says Todd. “Our blockchain-enabled platform allows learners to safeguard a record of their lifelong learning through various organizations and numerous learning tools. ReliablyME will empower people with a portable, globally accepted character credential designed to equip all citizens with equitable access to opportunities throughout our global village.”

Nudging and Behavior Change

“In the sciences, behavior is a standard measure for evaluating whether an intervention (like a social program) has had a positive or negative effect,” said Todd. “When measuring specific elements of behavior, you can identify areas where great progress has been made and those areas that need additional focus for improvement. Moreover, behavioral outcomes can be a leading indicator of social impact.”

 According to BJ Fogg of Tiny Habits Academy, “For behavior change to happen, it needs to be specific and easy to do. It happens when three elements come together at the same time: motivation, ability, and nudge. When people need to do hard things, they need to be prompted or nudged when there is a wave of motivation and when program support is in place.” These include a wide variety of desirable human behaviors that are typically not compensated and can be nudged with pre-committed, regular micro-survey conversations that gather time-based insights data. These include:

    • youth soft skills development, such as reliability, accountability, and personal integrity for character development
    • student self-efficacy and self-management, such as for improved college graduation outcomes
    • employment readiness, such as for workforce reskilling and development, and place-based learning
    • volunteer development, such as for tutoring, mentoring, and coaching
    • good health and wellbeing, such as for adopting and maintaining preventative routines and clinical study compliance
    • community-mobilization, such as for vaccination campaigns


A study from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) reports, “Nudging people to commit to an appointment they themselves scheduled was more than three times as effective as assigning them an appointment” finding that “on a cost-adjusted basis, the planning nudge increased vaccinations at a rate nearly 40 percent higher than the next most effective intervention” and concluding that “nudges can be effective yet cheap, generating high impact per dollar spent”.

Reliable Data that Matters

ReliablyME produces chronological data on a participant’s evolving areas of interest, their confidence in making commitments, and their track record of fulfilling them on time. Data is stored on an IBM Managed Blockchain network with privacy and confidentiality governed collectively by all members of the data commons and controlled via a mutually trusted “smart contract.”

Community organizations have access to the status of their constituents’ commitments to help them track and improve progress, intervene as necessary, validate successes and report back to governments, investors, and other enabling stakeholders with objective, anonymized behavioral outcomes data.


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About ReliablyME

ReliablyME is a blockchain-enabled experiential learning platform that helps people showcase their authentic self and social worth. Individuals use ReliablyME via instant messaging (SMS and WhatsApp), a mobile web app, and integrated user applications to make digital commitments to members of their community and earn “pico-credentials” from a variety of sources for their consolidated Commitment Portfolio that showcases their lifelong learning experiences. Commitments-based nudging processes stimulate desirable behavior and help learners develop self-efficacy-related soft skills. Progress dashboards and reporting tools provide actionable insights for learning program administrators, while the blockchain network facilitates secure and anonymized bilateral sharing of behavioral outcomes data among members.

For more information, visit To bring ReliablyME to your organization or to request a demo, please contact

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