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Empowering billions of people to prosper by being recognized for their authentic self and social worth.


ReliablyME helps you – in your role – track and be recognized for your authentic commitment to advancing your purpose with technology that generates objective, evidence-backed dashboard data on your progress.
"We Support Social Programs"

We want to know our contributions are making a measurable difference.

Program Funders

Compose the effectiveness of the social program you support with objective, quality, matrices…

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"We Deliver Social Programs"

We want to show our donors and volunteers that their contributions are making a measurable difference to the people we support

Funded Programs

Empower people in need with informal credentials about their character…

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"We Want People With Integrity"

We value personal integrity and want to be able to identify applicants who can demonstrate that they are truly committed to their purpose and that we can count on to do what they say


Learn how to evaluate an applicant’s ReliablyME Social Commitment Portfolio…

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"I am a person with integrity and want to be recognized for my authentic self and social worth."

I am genuinely committed to the things I care about and want to show schools, employers, landlords, and creditors that they can rely on me to honor my word.

Participating Individuals

Build your Social Commitment Portfolio as an informal credential…

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ReliablyME is a commitments tracking and recognition platform that makes it easy for people and organizations to rely on each other’s promises.


Our platform provides subscribers with proof of commitment.

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How it Works?

Our platform awards Commitment Credentials to social program beneficiaries/clients and supporting donors/volunteers.

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Use cases

Our platform is used to affect and measure social behaviour by philanthropists, educators, employers, landlords, insurers, and creditors.

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Platform Technology

Our platform uses blockchain technologies to protect privacy.

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ReliablyME was founded by CEO, Alex Todd. “We are a company dedicated to integrity, because schools, employers, landlords, lenders, and insurers discriminate against the majority of the world’s population with onerous credential and guarantee requirements, simply because they are newcomers, underemployed or underbanked. We will help everyone demonstrate their integrity and true worth by allowing them to earn Social Credentials as they fulfill everyday commitments.”
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